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1 - The prospective short circuit current at the origin of the consumer's installation must be taken into account when:
a estimating the external earth loop impedance.
b calculating the maximum demand.
c selecting the system of earthing for the supply.
d selecting the type of overcurrent protective device to be installed.

2 - Design calculations involving conductors and an overcurrent protection device is most likely satisfied when:
a Ib is greater than Iz.
b In is greater than Iz.
c Iz is lower than In.
d In is not less than the design current Ib.

3 - A cable is totally enclosed in thermal insulation for a distance of 2m. In the absence of more information the correction factor (Ci) will be that for cable clipped direct times:
a 0.5.
b 0.55.
c 0.68.
d 0.81.

4 - An arrow appearing through an electronic symbol means the value of the device is:
a preset.
b light emitting.
c variable.
d fixed.

5 - A 12V battery is connected across a set of resistors in series, values being, 60Ω 30Ω, 100Ω and 45Ω. The current flowing in the circuit is:
a 0.51 mA.
b 5.1 A.
c 51 A.
d 51 mA.

6 - Where motor isolators are remote from the motor they must be:
a capable of being locked off.
b seen from the motor area.
c painted red.
d 18mm from ground level.

7 - On completion of a periodic inspection and test, a copy of the electrical installation condition report should go to:
a The person ordering the work.
b The designer.
c The installer.
d Building control.

8 - An RCBO is a device which is used as:
a a voltage reduction sensor.
b an overload protection device only.
c both an overcurrent and residual current protection device.
d a short circuit protection device only.

9 - The legal requirement for electrical equipment to be maintained in good order is laid down in the:
a Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.
b Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.
c Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.
d Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

10 - MΩ is the abbreviation used for:
a microhms.
b milli-ohms.
c megohms.
d meggerohms.

11 - Warning signs with a blue background are:
a Safety signs.
b Prohibitive signs.
c Mandatory signs.
d Explanation signs.

12 - A length of copper wire has a resistance of 8 Ω. What would be the resistance if the length of wire were halved and the cross sectional area doubled:
a 2 Ω.
b 4 Ω.
c 8 Ω.
d 16 Ω.

13 - Which of the following does not determine the frequency of the Periodic Inspection and Testing of an installation:
a the competence of the tester.
b frequency of maintenance.
c external influences to which the installation is subjected.
d the type of installation.

14 - DC motors create a constant, stationary, magnetic field in the conductors attached to the:
a stator.
b yoke.
c shaft.
d armature.

15 - The type of fault which occurs when a line conductor comes in contact with a neutral conductor is called:
a an earth loop fault .
b a short circuit fault.
c a catastrophic fault.
d an overload fault.

16 - The IET Regulations are designed to provide:
a safety from fire, shock and burns.
b instruction on electrical equipment.
c a detailed specification of a system.
d instructions for every circumstance in an installation.

17 - The maximum earth fault loop impedance, permitted by BS 7671:2008, Amendment 3, for a 30 A BS 3036 fuse requiring a 0.4 second disconnection time is:
a 1.14 Ω.
b 1.04Ω.
c 1.92 Ω.
d 1.15 Ω.

18 - The minimum depth through which an unprotected sheathed cable must pass through a joist is:
a 20 mm.
b 30 mm.
c 40 mm.
d 50 mm.

19 - A black label on a fire extinguisher indicates the extinguisher contains:
a foam.
b carbon dioxide.
c dry powder.
d water.

20 - If two equal wattage lamps were connected in series the volt drop across each of them would:
a be the same.
b equal the supply voltage.
c be greater across the first lamp.
d equal the current flowing.

21 - A STAR connected system has a line voltage of 1000V, what is the phase voltage:
a 1732V.
b 577V.
c 1000V.
d 400V.

22 - When carrying out an insulation resistance test between conductors on a one-way lighting circuit, have the:
a switch open and lamp in.
b switch closed and lamp out.
c switch open and lamp out.
d switch closed and lamp in.

23 - A three phase cage rotor induction motor is required to operate on a 50 Hz supply and run at a synchronous speed of 750 rpm. The number of pole pairs required will be:
a 2.
b 4.
c 6.
d 8.

24 - Instrument test leads should comply with:
a BS 7671.
b HSE Guidance Note GS 55.
c HSE Guidance Note GS 38.
d BS 2001.

25 - The insulation resistance of two circuits is of 40MΩ an 36MΩ respectively. When tested together what is the total insulation resistance:
a 76 MΩ.
b 4 MΩ.
c 22 MΩ.
d 19 MΩ.

26 - Which of the following fire extinguisher types would you not use on an electrical equipment fire:
a Carbon dioxide.
b Extinguishers with black labels.
c Foam extinguishers.
d Dry Powder.

27 - An overload current is:
a a current arising from an earth fault.
b a current occurring in a faulty installation.
c due to an open circuit.
d an overcurrent occurring in a circuit which is electrically sound.

28 - Which of the following should accompany an electrical installation condition report:
a two copies of test results.
b copies of the inspection and test schedules.
c copies of minor works certificates.
d invoices for any remedial work carried out.

29 - Electrical equipment users should be:
a capable of inspecting equipment for obvious defects.
b able to test equipment.
c electrically competent persons.
d qualified electricians.

30 - If a cable run measured on a drawing with a scale of 1:25 is 65 cm, what is the actual length of the cable run:
a 0.162m.
b 162.5m.
c 16.25m.
d 1.625m.


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